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Get insights about your home value, what can be done to increase the value of the property, and get any questions you may have answered.

How it works

Find a listing agent

Selling a home can be a long and stressful process. You should interview a few agents and spend at least 30 minutes to understand what they can offer and choose the agent you feel suits you best.

Pick a competitive listing price

Although you can list the property at any price you want, the market will dictate what people will be willing to pay for it. The best way to determine a good list price is to do a Comparative Market Analysis(CMA) to estimate the value based on similar properties that recently sold in the area.

Devise a marketing plan

Listing the property on the MLS is the bare minimum. To get the most interest in the property and a top dollar offer, staging, professional pictures, video walkthroughs, 3D tours, drone photography, and digital/social marketing are essential to make the property stand out from the crowd.

Prepare the property to hit the market

Unless you are planning on selling the property as it is, cleaning, repairing, and replacing/updating things around the house will make it much more appealing to a wider pool of buyers and will increase the overall value of the property.

Get inspections and disclosures started

Getting inspections done before going on the market ensures you know of any issues that you may want to address before going on the market. Offering the inspections up front to the potential buyers also ensure they know exactly what they are getting and therefore have less negotiating room.

Market the home

At this point, you should discuss how you want your house to be shown. If you live in the property, by appointment will be the best option as it offers you time to tidy up and leave before the showing. If the house is vacant, lockbox is the better option as it maximizes the number of showings that can be done.

Review offers

If you've gotten multiple offers on the property, your listing agent can help walk you through the pros and cons of each offer. Don't be afraid to negotiate and send out counter-offers. When you accept an offer, try to have at least one in a backup position in case the accepted offer falls through.

Wait out the escrow period

After the escrow has been opened, the buyers are now on a clock to get their contingencies removed and loan funded. During this time, the buyer will typically order inspections and an appraisal. If inspections were not given to the buyers before their offer, then they may try negotiate repairs or credits.

Prepare for closing

The finish line is closing in and you can start to relax. You will have to read and sign a large stack of paperwork during the closing meeting. Once everything has been signed, verified, and recorded, the property is officially closed and the buyers get the keys.

How I stand out from the crowd

3D Virtual Tour and Floorplan

Utilizing special 3D cameras, I can create a digital tour and extract a floorplan from that to help drive interest and sell the home to potential buyers. Take a look at a sample virtual tour here.

Prepping your home

Sometimes a home needs a little help to bring it up to a higher price point. My network of general contracts can help you increase the value of the home while my stagers can show the home in the best light.

Social Media and Online Marketing

Just putting the property on the MLS and sites like Redfin and Zillow is the minimum. I can send out social media blasts and run ads on the listing to bring in more potential buyers.

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